Vrindavan and Mathura together make for a perfect holiday idea for devotees of Lord Krishna and travelers who are enthusiastic about exploring the vivid culture of the place. Since both of these places are extremely close to each other, you can comfortably visit both in our one day Mathura & Vrindavan local sightseeing tour by private car.

Each year, a multitude of devotees visit these religious places in search for the blessings of the lord. Mathura, the place where the Lord is believed to have taken birth in a prison and Vrindavan, where he was raised are the two places in Uttar Pradesh adorned by many devotees and mythology enthusiasts.

Lord Krishna is believed to be an incarnation of the supreme God, Lord Vishnu, according to the Hindu mythology. It is said that the Lord took birth on earth in yet another avatar to help human race fight yet another evil. Thus this makes both Mathura and Vrindavan cities of great importance to the practitioners of the Hindu religion. The months of November to March are considered to be the best time to visit the Holy city of Vrindavan.

Package Glimpse of Mathura and Vrindavan Local Sightseeing Tour

Vrindavan and Mathura both have many very attractive temples to visit, but we have curated for you the best must-visit religious places of these holy cities under our one day Mathura and Vrindavan local sightseeing tour.

These places are Prem Mandir (Shyama Shyam Dham), Banke Bihari Temple, Sri Krishna-Balaram Temple (ISKCON), Shree Krishna Janambhoomi Temple, Sri Krishna Janmasthan and Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple Complex in Mathura, Dwarkadheesh Temple & Vishram Ghat.

1. Prem Mandir (Shyama Shyam Dham), Vrindavan

1 Day Mathura and Vrindavan Local Sightseeing Tour Prem Mandir (Shyama Shyam Dham)

One of the most memorable sights on our one day trip to Mathura & Vrindavan, the Prem Mandir of Vrindavan is an architectural marvel constructed out of white Italian marble. The stone carvings on the temple walls are inexplicably beautiful and eye-catching. The temple has an enchanting aura.

The temple has the idols of Lady Radha and Lord Krishna at its centre, and the idols of Lord Ram and Lady Sita on its second floor. These couples of idols being the best representation of love, justify the name of the temple, Prem Mandir or the Temple of Love.

The two-storied Prem Mandir is built across an area of 54 acres and incorporates beautiful gardens in its arena. One should definitely take some time out for exploring the temple area with this one day trip.

The temple shows different Jhankis, depicting different episodes from the Lord’s life. The beauty of the temple is particularly highlighted at night when the lights of the temple make it glow under the night sky.

  • Must see \ Things to do: You should definitely devote some time to explore the temple arena as the backside has some stunning musical fountains.

2. Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan

1 Day Mathura and Vrindavan Local Sightseeing Tour Banke Bihari Temple

Banke Bihari Temple is the main attraction of Vrindavan. We see many devotees visiting Vrindavan with the sole purpose of praying to the idols inside the Banke Bihari temple. This temple houses the idol of Lord Krishna as a child, as he had spent his childhood at Vrindavan.

This is probably the only temple where the curtains of the chamber where the idol sits, are drawn shut from time to time. This practice stems out of the belief that staring into the idol’s eyes for too long can render anyone unconscious.

However, this is not the only peculiar feature of this world famous temple. Another unique feature of the place is that this temple open at 9 AM in the morning, and not around 6 AM, as is the convention because the priest says that it is rude to wake up a child so early in the morning.

This temple also does not have any bells, because those bells can disturb the child, that is, Lord Krishna.

Banke Bihari temple is always crowded because it is one of the favourite place of worship for pilgrims and yet the temple area is always able to accommodate a large number of people. Senior citizens can enter from the Parikrama Marg to avoid the crowd.

The aura of the temple is particularly different during festivals as there are a lot of festivities along with special traditions and rituals being performed. To add to the charm of the temple, many shops adjoining the temple sell the best sweets, idols and many other religious items. Your visit to Vrindavan cannot be completed without bowing down before the idol of Banke Bihari.

  • Must see \ Things to do: The morning aarti must not be missed as the early morning atmosphere along with the serene temple charm is irresistible!

3. Sri Krishna Balaram Temple (ISKCON), Vrindavan

1 Day Mathura and Vrindavan Local Sightseeing Tour Sri Krishna Balaram Temple (ISKCON), Vrindavan

Sri Krishna Balaram Temple is a dedicated to the duo of brothers as the name indicates. This temple is symbolic of the strong bond that the brothers shared and how they were a team in most of Lord Krishna’s childhood adventures. This temple is another beautifully constructed temple made of white marble with intricate detailing and marvelous architecture.

Your Mathura and Vrindavan 1 day private tour would be incomplete without visiting this place as devotees from not just all over India, but from all over the world can be seen here, who stay and worship in the temple throughout the year.

These devotees perform an enchanting dance for the Lord during the evening aarti while offering flowers and sweets to his idol. The shops here are a great place to buy traditional dhoti kurtas and ghagras and you must shop for some of these traditional garments.

  • Must see \ Things to do: Do not forget to pay respects at the Samadhi of Swami Sirla Prabhupada, who founded ISKCON as a symbol of his devotion to Lord Krishna.

Lunch @ Mathura

After spending half of our day in Vrindavan, we will go to Mathura and reach there by lunchtime, where we would have lunch before proceeding to explore the religious riches of Mathura.

There are some great, famous food joints in Mathura which offer the flavour of Uttar Pradesh. Eating here should definitely be on your bucket list and the food is delicious while having a low price.

4. Shree Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple, Sri Krishna Janmasthan and Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple Complex in Mathura

 1 Day Mathura and Vrindavan Local Sightseeing Tour Shree Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple, Sri Krishna Janmasthan and Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple Complex in Mathura

Mathura is considered to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna according to the Hindu mythology. Legend says that it was in a prison cell here, that the lord was born. The Shree Krishna Janmabhoomi temple, the next stop in our one day trip, is a temple beautifully constructed around the famed prison cell.

The prison cell has been kept intact and is open for tourists. The temple is very well maintained and offers a space where devotees can experience peace and calm. The ambience of the temple is thrilling and mesmerising. The temple complex also includes some other small shrines which add to the temple’s attraction for devotees.

  • Must see \ Things to do: You should definitely check out the market that is right outside the temple. It is a great place to buy sweets, memorabilia and try some of the lip-smacking local street snacks.

5. Dwarkadheesh Temple & Vishram Ghat

1 Day Mathura and Vrindavan Local Sightseeing Tour Dwarkadheesh Temple and Vishram Ghat

In the same day Mathura Vrindavan tour, we will visit the Dwarkadheesh temple which is situated on the banks of the River Yamuna in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The temple stands right on the edge of the Vishram Ghat.

In the Dwarkadheesh temple, Lord Krishna is worshipped as the ruler of Dwarka or Dwarkadheesh, from which the temple gets its name. The most attractive feature of the Dwarkadheesh temple is the pair of idols of Lord Krishna and Radha. The idol of Lord Krishna is made out of black marble whereas the idol of Radha is made out of white marble.

The temple complex has a cheerful, bright vibe which keep up the positivity of the temple. The walls of the temple are adorned with beautiful pictures of all Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The temple is beautifully decorated at times of festivals like Holi, Janmashtami and Hindola.

  • Must see \ Things to do:Take a close look at the walls of the temple because you will be witnessing some of the most beautiful display of Indian art forms.

6. Vishram Ghat, Mathura

1 Day Mathura and Vrindavan Local Sightseeing Tour Vishram Ghat

It is the main ghat of the Mathura city where people go for worshipping, bathing and simply beholding the majestic River Yamuna. You must also take a boat ride from this ghat.

  • Must see \ Things to do:The very famous breakfast at this temple is of aloo kachori and jalebi, don’t miss that.

A spiritually uplifting experience awaits you, so what are you waiting for? Get ready to get mesmerised in the devotion of Lord Krishna and visit the Holy cities of Mathura and Vrindavan with our one day Mathura and Vrindavan local tour by private car. Colour yourselves in the colors of love and devotion in the birth city of Lord Krishna and the place he spent his adventurous childhood in.

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