Strategically located between the Arabian Sea in the west and the Western Ghats in the east, Mangalore’s wondrous coastal topography makes it an idyllic vacation destination. A town that have been ruled by famous dynasties that includes the Alupas, Vijayanagar Empire, Hosalyas, Chalukyas Keladi Nayaks and Kadambas boasts of varied religious sites and enthralling coastline. Embark on a splendid exploration of the majestic town with our one day Mangalore local sightseeing tour.

Mangalore is also popular as Mangaluru which means place of Mangala in Kannada. It has been christened as Mangaluru after the name of the Goddess Mangala Devi.

Nearly 75% coffee, timber and cashew exports are from Mangalore port. This fascinating town is one of the fastest growing cities in India with a perfect confluence of old and modern culture. Tuluva and Konkani are the major cultural sects of the town. Classical and folk dances have been an important part of their culture and traditions.

The educational, economic, healthcare and industrial junction of the state is also known for its dramatic history and diverse cultures. Traverse through the enduring city of Mangalore boarding our one day Mangalore local sightseeing tour.

Package Glimpse of One Day Mangalore Local Sightseeing Tour

Package Glimpse 1 Day Mangalore Local Sightseeing Tour by Cab
Discover the significant hotspots of Mangalore with our one day Mangalore local sightseeing tour. One day itinerary have been tailored to explore the glorious religious sites and striking natural wonders. This captivating town is dotted with several glorious temples and fabulous beaches. Exquisitely frescoed chapel is a must-visit sight for tourists travelling to Mangalore.

Gaze at the amazing Kadri Manjunatheshwara, Kudroli Gokarnanatheshwara and Kudroli Sri Bhagavathi temples that stand as the specimens of Dravidian style of architecture. Explore the blue sea at the Ullal and Someshwar Beaches. Hop off at the following hotspots of the majestic town.

1. Kadri Manjunatheswarar Temple

1 Day Mangalore Local Sightseeing Tour by Cab  Kadri Manjunatheswarar Temple

One day Mangalore local sightseeing tour commences with the visit to one of the most significant Tulunadu temples of the Dakshina Kanada region. Sitting on the Kadri Hills, this ancient temple dating back to 1068 AD is one of the most recognized religious sites of the town. Surrounding hills make for a stunning backdrop.

One of the most interesting features of the sacred place is that there are several caves in the hills called the Pandava caves. Kadri was earlier known as Kadarika Vihara which is evident from the inscriptions on the pedestal of the image of Lord Lokeshwara.

Buddhism is believed to have been practised here before the 10th century. However a newer form of religion called the Natha Pantha evolved whose monasteries were called as Jogimutt and followers known as Jogis. They are believed to have worshipped Lord Shiva.

According to legends, Lord Shiva was pleased with the penance performed by Parshuram and appeared here as Manjunatha. An inspiring feature of the temple is the idol of Lord Manjunatha.

As per the directions of Lord Manjunatha the Sapthakoti Mantras are said to have been transformed into sacred ponds. Pilgrims can worship Lord Ganapathy in the temple situated on the north side of this glorious temple. To the west is the holy temple of Goddess Durga.

  • Must See / Things to Do: Gomukha, a natural spring originating at the backside of this marvellous temple

2. Kadri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple

1 Day Mangalore Local Sightseeing Tour by Cab Kadri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple
Next stop over of our one day Mangalore local sightseeing trip is the famous Kudroli Gokarnanatheshwara Temple. Set at a distance of 2kms from the centre of the town, it stands as an outstanding temple sanctified by the revered saint Sri Narayana Guru.

It was built with the motive of supporting the Billava community who were traditionally suppressed by upper caste people. Though it was constructed in 1912 in Kerala style of architecture, it was replaced by Chola style of architecture during its renovation in 1991.

A striking 60 feet tall dazzling golden gopuram with spectacular sculptures of different Hindu Gods and Goddess adds charm to the beauty of the sacred shrine. Also popular as Gokarnanatheshwara Kshetra it also enshrines Goddess Annapoorneshwari, Navagrahas, Lord Ganapathi, Lord Bhairvar, Lord Saneeshwarar, Lord Subramanian and Sri Narayana Guru.

Other interesting features of the sacred place include the auditorium and the pond with the statue of Kailasagiri. Idols of elephants on either side of the entrance greet the devotees to the famous temple. It is said that the place was earlier used as the grazing point for horses under the reign of Tipu Sultan, which signifies the name Kudre (horse) and vali and was later changed to Kudroli.

  • Must See / Things to Do:Catch a glimpse of the holy pond and the idol of Lord Shiva

3. Kudroli Sri Bhagavathi Temple

1 Day Mangalore Local Sightseeing Tour by Cab Kudroli Sri Bhagavathi Temple
One day Mangalore local tour takes you on a short drive to the 800 years old Sri Bhagavathi Temple. Dedicated to Goddess Shree Cheerumba Bhagavathi, it has been built over an area of two acres of land. The temple was recently renovated using granite stone work and wooden carvings with the help of skilled artisans from Karnataka and Kerala.

Two major temples next to the Bhagavathi temple are the Arka Ganapathi Temple and the Venkataraman temple. Arka Ganapathi temple enshrines Shri Pandangara Bhagavathi and the Venkataramana Temple enshrines Shri Pullurali Bhagavathi. Marble idol of prominent poet and saint Sri Narayana Guru at the entrance is another highlight of the temple.

  • Must See / Things to Do: A monolithic 6 feet tall granite stone carving popular as the Veersthamba is eye-catching feature of the temple

4. St. Aloysius Chapel

1 Day Mangalore Local Sightseeing Tour by Cab St. Aloysius Chapel
A revered religious site of Christianity, the St. Aloysius Chapel sits majestically on the Lighthouse Hill. Developed by the Jesuits Missionaries in 1880, it showcases a magnificent array of frescos and oil canvas paintings. A significant section of the paintings narrate the life of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, a wealthy person who gave away his wealth and dedicated his life for the needy.

The Chapel located within the campus of St. Aloysius College, houses a treasure trove of paintings by Italian Jesuits Antonio Moscheni. Experience the solace and divinity rendered by the amazing Chapel.

  • Must See / Things to Do:: Marvel at the splendid paintings that covers the entire walls and ceilings of the chapel

5. Mangaladevi Temple

1 Day Mangalore Local Sightseeing Tour by Cab Mangaladevi Temple
Head out to the one of the most recognizable landmarks of the town with our one day Mangalore local sightseeing tour, the Mangaladevi Temple. Situated at a distance of 3kms from the central city in Bolar, the sacred temple was constructed in the 10th century in honour of the princess Malabar Mangale.

One of the most striking features of the sacred temple is the idol of Goddess Mangaladevi, who is believed to be a form of Shakti and appears in a sitting posture in the sanctum sanctorum called the Sreekovil. The main shrine has the idols of guardian deities on either sides of the door called as Dwarapalakas. Pilgrims also worship Nagara, the snake god.

Take in the grandeur of the temple built in Kerala style of architecture with several structures made of wood. According to legends, the temple was built by Parshuram which was later expanded by Kundavaram the famous Alupa dynasty king. It also has a flag post called as Dwajasthambam.

  • Must See / Things to Do:: A small Shiva Linga present near the main shrine

6. Ullal Beach

1 Day Mangalore Local Sightseeing Tour by Cab Ullal Beach
Lined with casuarinas and palm trees this enchanting beach is a must-visit site for travellers taking a trip to Mangalore. The sandy beach with its serene ambiance and turquoise blue water proves to be an ideal place for tourists to relax and enjoy the stillness of the place.

Tourists often visit the place to see sunset and sunrise which seems magical from this place. People also indulge themselves in sunbathing and swimming.

  • Must See / Things to Do:: Capture the scenic beauty in your camera

7. Someshwara Temple

1 Day Mangalore Local Sightseeing Tour by Cab Someshwara Temple
Continue your one day Mangalore trip to the spiritual site of Someshwar Temple which is also known as an auspicious centre for performing Pitrakaryas or the rituals for the departed. It holds its significance being one of the 12 important Shiva Kshetras. Visitors would be captivated with the serene ambiance of the place.

Also popular as Rudrapada Kestra, the temple was built in the 10th century by the Alupa dynasty kings on the banks of the Arabian Sea. This ancient temple enshrines Lord Shiva in the form Shiva Linga known as Lord Someshwar. It also enshrines the Parshurama, Arunachaleswar, Bhimeswar, Nanjundeshwar and Panchalingeshwar.

  • Must See / Things to Do::Catch the picturesque views of the Someshwar beach

8. Someshwara Beach

1 Day Mangalore Local Sightseeing Tour by Cab Someshwara Beach
One day mesmerizing Mangalore trip concludes with the visit to the awe-inspiring Someshwar Beach that is known for the amazing big rocks called as Rudra Shile. Enjoy the reverberation of the waves as they hit the big rocks at the picture-postcard beach. Presence of a glorious Shiva Temple near the beach gives a mythological association.

  • Must See / Things to Do::Climb the Ottinene Hillock and enjoy the magical view of the confluence of Netravati River with the Arabian Sea

Revel in history with our one day Coimbatore local sightseeing tour that navigates through archaeological and religious sites. A captivating blend of culture and majestic heritage is going to make for a remarkable journey and an inspired vacation.
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