Coimbatore boasts of its ancient history and fascinating culture. An amazing holiday gateway, it draws numerous visitors to witness famous tourist places in the neighborhood too. Two of the major nearby travel destinations are Pollachi and Valparai.

At an altitude of 3500 feet, Valparai stands out amidst the Anamalais mountain ranges carpeted with dense forests and green tea estates. Embark on our one day Pollachi and Valparai Tour from Coimbatore that packs natural and spiritual exploration. Pollachi located at the foothills of Western Ghats is a brimming commercial center of the state that has been drawing several tourists today.

Valparai town with perfect combination of stunning waterfalls, serene lakes, and lush tea estates, imposing dams and striking panoramic vistas captivates every visitor. On the way up to Valparai from Aliyar there are 40 hairpin bends where the journey itself is truly enchanting.

The serene and tranquil treasures of the town, the Masaniamman and the Bala Temples offer visitors an intriguing temple visit. Pollachi is often visited by tourists to discover its auspicious temples and the nearby wildlife sanctuaries. The bucolic town popular as Porum Achi and situated on the Parambikulam and Aliyar Project road is a wonderful travel gateway.

These two towns offer a spectrum of wondrous experiences for the travellers. Our one day Pollachi and Valparai tour by private cab includes the visit to breathtaking sights of the famed town that offers great photographic opportunities. The well planned tour takes you to some of the astounding sights of these towns

Package Glimpse of One day Pollachi and Valparai Tour from Coimbatore

Package Glimpse of One day Pollachi and Valparai Tour from Coimbatore

Fun filled one day Pollachi and Valparai trip takes you on an exhilarating journey viewing the spectacular waterfalls, paying your obeisance at the sacred temples and taking a leisurely stroll along the man-made wonders, a range of wonderful dams.

Gain an insight into the culture of the state with the visit to the sacred Masaniamman Temple and Balaji Temple. Head out for the mesmerizing views offered by Aliyar Dam and enjoy the cool breeze of the Monkey falls.

Drive out to the Monkey Falls and head off to see the glorious Balaji Temple. Continue your scenic drive to Sholayar Dam and sprawling Tea estates. Get mesmerized with the breathtaking landscapes from the top viewpoints.

1. Eachanari Temple

1 Day Coimbatore to Pollachi and Valparai Tour by Cab Eachanari Temple

Exciting one day Pollachi and Valparai tour from Coimbatore begins with the visit to Eachanari Temple of Lord Vinayagar or the Lord of Obstacles. Legends state that when the idol of Lord Ganesha was being taken in a cart to the renowned Pateeswarar Temple in Perur, its axle broke at this place and hence a temple was constructed here.

Set at a distance of 12 km from Coimbatore on the way to Pollachi, it is visited by devotees for the Vahana Pooja seeking his blessing before using their new vehicle. Visitors would be inspired watching the 6 feet high and 3 feet width idol of the most benign god, Lord Ganesha. The ancient temple dating back to 1500 AD holds a daily procession of God Ganesha in a Golden Chariot.

  • Must see \ Things to do: Worship Lord Vigneshwara

2. Masaniamman Temple

1 Day Coimbatore to Pollachi and Valparai Tour by Cab Masaniamman Temple

Continuing your spiritual journey with the captivating one day Pollachi and Valparai trip our next stop is the Masaniamman Temple. Attain divine blessings of Goddess Masani Amman in the renowned temple located at 25 km from Coimbatore.

Set amidst grasslands with beautiful Anaimalai backdrop enhances its serene beauty. Known to heal all sort of illness, goddess Masani Amman appears in a reclining form with four hands holding snake, trident, skull and drum respectively. The temple located at the confluence of the Aliyar River and the Uppar Stream enshrines other deities namely Neethi Kal (stone of justice) and Mahamuniappan.

Legends state that the 15 feet long idol was made by Lord Rama using the crematorium sand during his journey to Sri Lanka to bring back goddess Sita. Thronged with devotees especially during the annual Kundam festival, the vibrant image of goddess with two hands placed on the ground and two raised above is highly inspiring. The presiding deity was more popular as Mayana Sayani as she is in a crematorium (Mayanam) and present in a reclining form (Sayana).

An old tradition of applying ground red chillies on the stone of justice is still followed by the devotees in the temple in order to get back their lost items. It is believed that if visitors write their wishes and handover it over to the priests who tie it on the hands of the deity, it gets fulfilled in 3 weeks. Due to the presence of huge numbers of elephants at this place, it is also popular as Anaimalai Masani Amman Temple.

  • Must see \ Things to do: Visit the stone of justice, Neethi Kal

3. Aliyar Dam

1 Day Coimbatore to Pollachi and Valparai Tour by Cab Aliyar Dam

Visit to the next stop of one day Pollachi and Valparai trip takes you off the beaten path to witness the imposing Aliyar Dam. An incredible dam located at a distance of 20 km from Pollachi was built in 1959 and 1969.Nestled amidst the mist clad mountains the outstanding dam, lies on the foothills of Valparai in the Anamalai mountain ranges.

Visitors would be fascinated with the awe-inspiring natural splendour surrounding the impressive dam. A mini theme park and aquarium enhances the beauty of the picturesque place encircling the dam.

  • Must see \ Things to do: Relax at the well maintained Aliyar Park below the dam

4. Monkey Falls

1 Day Coimbatore to Pollachi and Valparai Tour by Cab Monkey Falls

View the astounding Monkey waterfalls that mesmerizingly drop down from a height of 60 feet providing an opportunity for an invigorating shower below.

Situated at a distance of 30 km from Pollachi on the Pollachi-Valparai road, these waterfalls are a natural wonder to behold. Originating from the misty Valparai hill ranges these are also popular as Chinna Kutralam.

Craggy Cliffs and dense forests that are home to exotic species of flora and fauna encircling the falls are a feast to the eyes. Tourists need to keep safe from the huge number of monkeys hanging around.

  • Must see \ Things to do: Enjoy a shower at the wonderful falls

5. Balalji Temple

1 Day Coimbatore to Pollachi and Valparai Tour by Cab Balalji Temple

A wonderful one day Pollachi and Valparai tour takes you to an amazing temple located amidst the lush tea estates of Peria Karamalai. The glorious temple tucked within lush tea gardens and located at a distance of ten km from Valparai enshrines Lord Balaji.

Travellers moving to the serene place to pay their obeisance to Lord Venkateshwara would be fascinated by the splendour of the surroundings. Set on the hills, the spectacular temple proffers solace to the devotees.

  • Must see \ Things to do: Pay your obeisance to Lord Vishnu

6. Sholayar Dam

1 Day Coimbatore to Pollachi and Valparai Tour by Cab Sholayar Dam

Get mesmerized with the visit to the impressive Sholayar Dam as the next destination of our one day Pollachi and Valparai local tour. Travellers would be amazed at the view of this engineering feat located on the Sholayar River, one of the main tributaries of Chalakudy River that originates in Valparai Estate and flows westwards for around 30 miles before joining the Parambikulam River.

Dense forests and verdant tea gardens surrounding the dam make it a charming destination. It is the second deepest dam of Asia with two reservoirs; the upper reservoir is situated in Tamil Nadu while the lower reservoir is located in Kerala. With water storage capacity of 160 ft it is a vital reservoir built under the Parambikulam Aliyar Project.

  • Must see \ Things to do: Snap iconic photos of the incredible sights

7. Tea Estates @ Valparai

1 Day Coimbatore to Pollachi and Valparai Tour by Cab Tea Estates Valparai

The quaint hill station of Valparai which was once blanketed with thick rainforests was cleared by the British to develop lush tea and coffee plantations in the later part of 19th century. One of the largest tea growing destinations is a true spectacle for tea aficionados.

Lucky visitors would be delighted to spot Lion-Tailed Macaque that keep visiting the tea estates. It is often visited by Indian Bison, elephants and barking deer. With the beautiful Western Ghats at its backdrop get soaked in the unrivalled beauty of the lush tea estates.

Tea connoisseurs often visit the tea factory to learn about the tea manufacturing process right from how they are picked, withered, rolled, dried and packed. Photography enthusiasts would be fascinated, capturing marvellous photos while grooving on the stunning scenery.

  • Must see \ Things to do: Admire the resolute serenity of the place

8. Viewpoints @ Valparai

1 Day Coimbatore to Pollachi and Valparai Tour by Cab Viewpoints Valparai

Valparai is blessed with several captivating viewpoints that leave a mesmerizing effect on the tourists. Travellers can enjoy the marvellous views of the jaw-dropping landscapes encircling these vantage points.

Get soaked in the rejuvenating atmosphere of our next spot of the full day trip to Pollachi and Valparai. Step out onto the viewpoint to take in the grandeur of the striking scenery surrounding the place.

Ascend to Loam’s view point to take in the magnificent scenery and interesting sights of the quaint hill station. This 9th hairpin bend is named after Mr. Mathew Loam, the British officer who was entrusted for laying the road in 1886. Situated near the Aliyar dam enroute to Valparai from Pollachi it offers enchanting views surrounding the striking view point.

Nallamudi Poonjolai Valley view point tucked amidst the Nallamudi Tea Estate near the Sangili Road giving tourists a chance to get the glimpse of the outstanding scenery. Gaze at the highest peak of South India, the Anamudi Peak that leaves you awe-struck. Other key viewpoints include Carver Marsh viewpoint, Tiger Valley and Number Parai that proffers picture perfect panoramas.

  • Must see \ Things to do: Shoot spectacular photos

Visiting the iconic ancient temples set against exotic backdrops with our one day Pollachi and Valparai trip is going to reward you with gratifying experience.

Witnessing the majestic natural landmarks remains etched in the traveller’s mind forever. Traversing through the man-made wonders enhances the charismatic experience of the full day packed tour.

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