A fastest growing tier-II city in India, Coimbatore represents a perfect blend of history and culture. Ruled by Sangam, Chera, Cholas and Vijayanagara dynasties Coimbatore has flourished to be the second largest city in Tamil Nadu.

The idyllic vacation destination draws huge crowds to witness the diverse variety of flora and fauna. Black Thunder Water Park is one of the most intriguing destinations located at a distance of 40 km from Coimbatore.

The theme park promises to be a fascinating adventure trip for tourists seeking to have fun with family or friends. It has also been a favourite hotspot for corporate outings. Board on our one day Coimbatore to Black Thunder Water Park tour and explore the fabulous water park.

It is a must visit place especially for thrill seekers who would get delighted with a range of exhilarating rides. Set at the foothills of Nilgiris near Mettupalayam, it proves to be a perfect retreat from the scintillating heat of the city.

Developed on the lines of Mumbai’s Water Kingdom it is an amazing park not to be missed. Guests are engaged with a variety of water rides, pools and attractions.

Ride on our private cab for a thrilling one day Coimbatore to Black Thunder Water Park tour that provides you an adventurous and exciting experience.

Package Glimpse of One Day Coimbatore to Black Thunder Water Park Tour

Package Glimpse 1 Day Coimbatore to Black Thunder Water Park Tour by Cab

One Day Coimbatore to Black Thunder Water Theme Park is a fascinating trip that makes for a memorable vacation. Enjoy the fantastic water park that proffers a plethora of adventure packed waterslides. Collection of 49 diversified joy rides has been drawing huge crowd to this famed theme park.

Kick off your visit with the adrenaline packed adventures of water rides that include Surf Hill, Wild River Ride, Two Man Raft and Cannon Ball Ride. Head on over to the Dry Rides that encompasses a range of fantastic rides including Dragon Coaster, Tora Tora, Columbus and Ferries Wheel. Move further to experience the exhilarating attractions of the Park that includes Hot Air Balloon, Zorbing, Birds Park, Aquarium and Horror House.

1.Black Thunder Theme Park

1 Day Coimbatore to Black Thunder Water Park Tour by Cab Black Thunder Theme Park

Thrill packed one day Coimbatore to Black Thunder Water Park Tour is going to be a memorable trip for all visitors as it offers tremendous fun with its myriad range of rides and facilities.
Embark on our amazing water rides or dry rides. Tourists would have a delightful experience with the major attractions of one of the best theme park.

2.Water Rides

1 Day Coimbatore to Black Thunder Water Park Tour by Cab Water Rides

Tourists will have tremendous fun boarding on the range of water rides of this wonderful Water Park with marvellous Nilgiris in its backdrop. It has several exciting rides that would send your adrenaline levels skyrocketing.

Get tossed in the Wave Pool spread over 15000 sq feet with different shapes and sizes of waves created using a H.P Blower. With the amazing Wild Water Ride, move down the exhilarating 50 feet artificial hill.

Take a super fast thrill ride in the 200 feet long Speed Slide. Race down through the electrifying green and blue Twister that accommodates 2 riders at a time and is one of the not to be missed rides. These rides sends you twisting ad plummeting.

Step into a Black Hole and enjoy the twists and turns before dropping down into the watery splash. Speed Slide zips the rider down from 200 meters height keeping their adrenaline pumping. Grab your friends to barrel down the splashy Multi Lane Ride and finally plunge into the pool below.

Get into your surfing board for the best ride ever with the Surf Hill. Volcano will send the riders swirling around in a like frenzy. The 100 feet long Shot Gun Slide drops riders down an almost vertical slide.

Hop on board the Lazy River ride that takes you on a stimulating ride across 16 ft long channels. Get delighted with the Boomerang ride with your close friends.

You can splash around on a Four Man Raft that adds to your excitement and thrill. Other notable attractions are the Side Winder, Aqua Bowl, Thunder Rain and Lucky Falls.

Single Man River Raft, Two Man Raft and Family Raft rafting are among few of the not to be missed rides. Other noteworthy rides include Caterpillar Ride, Camel Ride, Tora Tora, Illusion Ride, Dream Girl, Thrillarium Ride, Parasuite and Mini Enterprise.

3.Dry Rides

1 Day Coimbatore to Black Thunder Water Park Tour by Cab Dry Rides

These rides are enough to keep thrill seekers entertained. Among the adrenaline-rushing rides are Dragon Toaster and Columbus. Be sure to take the Ferris Wheel that swishes you through a series of 360-degree turns.

Head for the dashing electric cars that leaves you excited hitting each other. Visitors seeking an appetite for adventure can try for Columbus, Roller Coaster and Giant Wheel.

4.Kids Rides

1 Day Coimbatore to Black Thunder Water Park Tour by Cab Kids Rides

Young water park enthusiasts can enjoy from a myriad of thrill rides. These amazing rides and structures will have the kids splashing and enjoying. Kids can step into the 18000 square feet Kiddies Pool that encompasses Kids Wild River Ride, Kiddies Surf Hill and Kiddies Flume Slide which surround the Volcano in the mid of the pool.

Drop into the Kiddies Cannon Ball Ride and get excited. Play with your kids at the child-friendly Kiddies Play Station. If kids are looking for a thrill get on board the Kid’s Wave Slide that proves to be an exciting ride. Kids can ride the Kiddies Flume Slide and have a great splash. Kids Wild River ride guarantees a swashbuckling time for all the kids.


1 Day Coimbatore to Black Thunder Water Park Tour by Cab Attractions

Cruising across the seven acre artificial lake boarding the Dashing Boat gives the travellers an enchanting experience. Take in the serene and relaxing ambience encircling the lake. Discover the surprising hot air balloon and enjoy a breathtaking ride exploring the lush greenery of the Nilgiris biosphere.

Flying at a height of 100 feet from the ground it accommodates three adults and two children with a pilot for ensuring passengers safety. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular bungee jumping.

Get close to nature ascending to the animal watch tower and gaze at the animals that pass through the thick Nilgiris. Watch the myriad of winged beauties in the Birds Park and varied species of aquatic creatures at the fascinating aquarium.

Must see \ Things to do: Do visit the scary Horror House

This fun filled wonderful one day Coimbatore to Black Thunder Water Park will definitely create a splash. Strangled amidst the lush Nilgiris, the enlivening amusement park delights visitors of all ages. It is well equipped with proper facilities to give tourists a comfortable visit.

Equipped with changing rooms, a locker room, a nice restaurant and refreshment stalls it ensures best water park experience. The splendid ambiance, rides and the decor are simply awe-inspiring. Heart pounding rides, breathtaking slides and fun filled activities makes for a fabulous winding journey.

Do watch for the other spectacular tour packages from Coimbatore.

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