One of the largest cities in the economies of India, Chennai is flocked with tourists to witness its historic landmarks, beaches, cultural and religious centres. This significant metropolitan city is the artistic, political, cultural, educational and economic heart of Tamil Nadu.

More popular as Madras earlier, it has a plethora of fascinating vacation destinations to be explored in its neighbourhood. Pondicherry is a notable holiday destination that can be reached with a three hour drive from Chennai. Hop over our one day Chennai to Pondicherry tour by private cab to discover the fabulous sightseeing spots of the city.

French Influence is visible in this capital city of Puducherry union territory and hence it is referred to as The French Riviera of the East. It had been under the rule of the French till 1954 and there are still some people who speak French here.

Pondicherry is a treasure trove of majestic beaches, ancient temples and historic sites. Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a significant ashram in India and the key attraction of the city.

Auroville is an experimental township built under the guidance of Mirra Alfassa the collaborator and follower of Sri Aurobindo and a key highlight of the city. Our Chennai to Pondicherry tour enables the tourists to witness the key attractions of the city all in one day.

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Package Glimpse of One Day Chennai to Pondicherry Tour

Package Glimpse 1 Day Chennai to Pondicherry Tour by Cab

One Day Chennai to Pondicherry tour takes in the best of Pondicherry’s highlights. Discover the marvels of the city that includes religious sites, captivating beaches, wonderful gardens and imposing museum.

Spectacular Hindu shrines draw visitors from various parts of the country. The city also houses magnificent churches. Aurobindo Ashram is a treasured gem of Pondicherry flocked with tourists from various parts of the country.

Begin your drive to the holy Manakula Vinayagar Temple and continue your journey to the most important sightseeing spot of the city, the Aurobindo Ashram. Explore the splendid collection of plants at the Pondicherry Botanical Gardens.

Gain an insight into the historical facts of the city at the Pondicherry Museum and the War Memorial. Observe the idol of the father of the nation at the Gandhi Statue. Enjoy a stroll along the Promenade Beach. Move to the scared Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus and explore the awe inspiring Auroville City. Your tour ends at the amazing Auro Beach.

1. Manakula Vinayagar Temple

1 Day Chennai to Pondicherry Tour by Cab Manakula Vinayagar Temple
  • Must see \ Things to do: Temple elephant called Lakshmi

Begin your one day Chennai to Pondicherry tour with the visit to the Manakula Vinayagar Temple enshrining Lord Ganesha. This peaceful gem of Pondicherry was built before the arrival of French and the deity was more popular as Bhavaneshwar Ganapathy.

As there was sand near the pond next to the temple this sacred complex is referred to as Manal Kulathu Vinayagar where Manal means sand while Kulam means pond in Tamil.

Devotees would appreciate the marvellous incarnations of God Ganesha skillfully carved on the walls of the temple. It is believed that the French Jesuits and missionaries had tried to destroy the temple several times but was saved by the Hindus. Set over 8000 sq feet of land the temple faces the east near the Bay of Bengal. It also has a shrine with the idol of Lord Murugan.

A magnificent golden Vimana reflects traditional South Indian architectural style. Gold plated Kodi Kambam with a height of 18 feet is a true spectacle. Outer mandapam, Maha Mandapam and the striking rajagopuram appeals visitors. Golden chariot made of 7.5 kg gold donated by devotees is a remarkable feature of the glorious temple.

Legends state that a renowned saint named Thollaikkathu Siddhar attained Samadhi in the premises of this temple 300 years ago.

2. Aurobindo Ashram

1 Day Chennai to Pondicherry Tour by Cab Aurobindo Ashram
  • Must see \ Things to do: Gain a relaxing experience visiting the celebrated ashram

A frequently visited sightseeing spot of Pondicherry is the Aurobindo Ashram that was founded by famed guru, poet and yogi, Sri Aurobindo. He withdrew himself from politics and moved to Pondicherry in 1910.

On reaching Pondicherry he started pursuing his spiritual works with a small number of disciples following him. The number of followers started increasing and he then formed an ashram along with his collaborator, Mirra Alfassa. Today it has emerged as a community with around 2400 sadhaks or members of the ashram.

Administered and maintained by the Aurobindo Trust, the ashram focuses on the principle of Inner Yoga. After Sri Aurobindo, Mother took care of the ashram.

In the centre of the ashram under a frangipani tree we have the samadhis or mausoleums where the bodies of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are laid. Sadhaks can perform yoga or sadhana on their own pace according to their nature. Situated on the Marine Street, the ashram is often thronged with visitors from various parts of the world seeking spiritual bliss.

3. Botanical Garden

1 Day Chennai to Pondicherry Tour by Cab Botanical Garden
  • Must see \ Things to do: Look for the notable Japanese rock structure

Venture to the beautiful Botanical Garden of Pondicherry with our one day Pondicherry tour by private cab. Walk through the park and admire the amazing collection of 1500 species of plants and trees brought by the French from various parts of the world.

Learn about the various species of plants as the details regarding their species, medicinal value and amount of oxygen generated are mentioned in a board placed near every plant.

The 22-acres expansive garden with a magnificent display of plants organised into 28 themed plots is a must visit for the travellers. Visitors would be captivated with the wonderful musical fountain show organised in the weekends. Narrow pathways meander through the garden that has several palm, cork, eucalyptus and rosewood trees.

French Colonist planted crops in this place as a part of their research to identify the crops that can be grown in this region. Later it got developed into a botanical garden with the strenuous efforts of C.S Perrottet in 1831. A Traversing through the Toy train can be great fun especially for the kids.

4. Pondicherry Museum

1 Day Chennai to Pondicherry Tour by Cab Pondicherry Museum
  • Must see \ Things to do: Ancient lamps made during the ancient dynasties

The next stopover of the full day packed Pondicherry trip is the inspiring museum of Pondicherry. It has an astounding collection of bronze statues of god and goddess made during the ancient dynasties.
A section of the museum displays the collection of bronze and stone carved sculptures dating back to the Chola and Pallava dynasty.

Some of the notable pieces include the relics from the Roman settlements. Besides enjoying the splendid collection of coins, handicrafts, crockery, guns and swords, visitors can also view the fossilized trunks of ancient trees.

Located at the St. Louis Street the museum also highlights French culture with the display of French furniture, paintings and artwork.

5. War Memorial

1 Day Chennai to Pondicherry Tour by Cab War Memorial
  • Must see \ Things to do: Capture the wonderful structure in your camera

One day Pondicherry tour takes you to the historical landmark, the War Memorial located on the Goubert Avenue in White town opposite to the Gandhi Statue. It was constructed as a tribute to the martyrs who died in World War in 1914-1918.

It is a graceful monument with four white tall pillars and a statue of a soldier with a bending head holding a rifle in his hand. Designed by the sculptor Gaston Petit and an architect named Delafon, it is a must visit spot.

Watch for the bronze plaque on the wall of the monument that lists the soldiers’ names who died in the war. It also bears an inscription that states “aux combattants des Indes Francoise morts pour la Patrie, 1914-1918” which means French fighters who died for their country in 1914-1918. On July 14 the memorial is decorated and illuminated as a commemoration to the brave soldiers.

6. Gandhi Statue

1 Day Chennai to Pondicherry Tour by Cab Gandhi Statue
  • Must see \ Things to do: Admire the wonderful tribute to the great man

Take a short detour to the Gandhi Statue situated opposite to the War Memorial. Bapuji’s 4 meter high statue stands amidst the eight granite pillars which erected in 1866. The iconic statue was unveiled on January 26 1965 and is considered to be one of the biggest statues of the father of the nation in Asia.

A square platform in from of the Gandhi’s idol is built with the purpose of conducting cultural programs. Below the inspiring statue there runs a tunnel leading to the Gingee Fort which has been closed by the government.

7. Promenade Beach

1 Day Chennai to Pondicherry Tour by Cab Promenade Beach
  • Must see \ Things to do: Look for the old lighthouse

A wondrous place of visit with the one day fully packed Pondicherry tour is the Promenade beach situated on the Goubert Avenue. A key attraction of the beach is the 1.5 km long promenade that runs from the War Memorial till the Dupleix Park.

Walk along the promenade of this amazingly fascinating beach or sit by the gorgeous shore. Visitors often visit the beach to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset or the sunrise views.

8. Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus

1 Day Chennai to Pondicherry Tour by Cab Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Must see \ Things to do: Pay your obeisance to the Lord

One day Pondicherry local sightseeing tour gives you an insight into the religious roots of this wonderful city with the visit to the holy Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus. This celebrated religious monument is an example of Gothic Architecture. An awe inspiring brown and white church was established by the French missionaries in 1908.

A century old church boasts of being the first basilica in Pondicherry. Its walls are skillfully decorated with Terracotta motifs and twin spires. Stained glasses of the spiritual complex exhibit the events from the life of Jesus Christ. A key feature of the more than a century old church is the graceful exteriors.

9. Auroville City

1 Day Chennai to Pondicherry Tour by Cab Auroville City
  • Must see \ Things to do: Enjoy the magnificence of the temple

One day Chennai to Pondicherry tour takes you to the tranquil attraction of Pondicherry, the Auroville City. One of the city’s most iconic landmarks, the Auroville was built with the intention of promoting human unity by Mirra Alfassa who was more popular as the Mother.

Also known as the City of Dawn, it was designed by Roger Anger in the shape of a galaxy. People from different parts of the world despite of their differences in caste, creed, religion and cultural backgrounds live here in harmony.

Two thousand people are residing in the unique township which has been divided into different sections like industry area, cultural zone, peace area and residential zone. Take in the grandeur and splendour of the magnificent temple called the Matrimandir. An architectural masterpiece is built over 62 acres of land in the centre of the international township.

10. Auro Beach

1 Day Chennai to Pondicherry Tour by Cab Auro Beach
  • Must see \ Things to do: Wander along the coastline

Your one day Pondicherry journey ends with the visit to the majestic Auro Beach or the Auroville Beach. As it lies at a distance of 12 km from Pondicherry it is less crowded than the other beaches. One can spot surfers early in the morning.

Travellers also visit the place to enjoy the enticing sunset and sunrise views. Walking along the sparkling blue waters and majestic waves is a rewarding experience for the tourists.

Exploring Pondicherry with our one day Chennai to Pondicherry tour offers a rewarding experience especially for travellers seeking a heritage and cultural trip.

Tourists will treasure the priceless memories of the stunning sightseeing spots of the vibrant city forever. Pondicherry conjures up many distinct images offering.

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